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Increasingly, industries seek to “offset” their excessive greenhouse gas emissions by buying credits earned by other enterprises that can reduce emissions more cheaply. Carbon credits are purchased by industries from “carbon markets” to meet government regulations on their emissions, to achieve “green” environmental corporate goals, or as a hedge against future government regulations. Carbon credits are certified by official registries, such as regulatory markets in California and Europe, or voluntary carbon markets such as the Verified Carbon Standard.


Carbon projects, or managing natural landscapes to generate carbon credits, are a potentially financially profitable enterprise, mostly through sales of credits on the voluntary carbon market. Projects can involve growing trees, protecting trees, altering soil management during agriculture, and altering fire and grazing of grasslands.

Soils for the Future (SFF) helps generate carbon credits in two major ways:

  • Providing key technical services to other carbon project developers so they can focus on operational and financial aspects of projects.


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